Audition Application

  • Application Period | No Time Restriction
  • Application Area | Vocal, Dance, Acting, Model
  • Application Qualification | No Restriction on Age, Gender or Nationality
  • Procedure | Applicants passed the 1st qualification will participate in the closed audition, produce the file and
    stablish application in Hallyu Training Center.

    Online application
Application Process
  • Membership Sign-up
    Membership Sign-up
  • Application Establishment
  • File Upload
    File Upload
    (Photo, Motion Picture, Audio)
  • Application Complete
    Application Complete
Preparations for Each Application Area
  • Vocal | No Restriction on Genre or Song Selection. Any selections in Korean Pop, International Pop, Rap or others
  • Dance | No Restriction on Dancing Style. Any selections in Creative or Existing Choreography, Hip-hop, B-Boy, Popin or others
  • Acting | No Restriction on Genre. Any selections for TV, Stage or Movie Performances
  • Model | Walking, Posing
Audition Review Criteria
  • Vocal | Singing Quality and Technique based on Solid Breathing, Tune, Tempo and Pronunciation
  • Dance | Flexibility, Rhythm Sense, Accuracy on Choreography and Confident Stage Manner
  • Acting | Vocalization, Breathing, Delivery of Emotion and Dialog and Stage Manner
  • Model | Confident Style Demonstration and Unique Posing