Center Intro.

As the cultural content industry is advancing, Total Entertainment Business requires many talents prepared with indefinite possibilities is driven to an invisible war to secure such talents.

Global K Center is an educational center training excellent talents on the overall K-Culture based on own know-hows from the experiences in finding, developing and managing stars for various years and the Shooting-star Donation hosted various large scaled concerts.

Hallyu Training Center composed of teaching and training staffs on each course’s specialties and talents will perform its role fully as ‘Star Cadet School’ training leading talents for Hallyu’s globalization and ‘Location to Experience on Hallyu’ to secure the continuity of Hallyu.

Hallyu Training Center prepared with Asia’s largest scaled facility, systematic training courses and professional operation staffs in the safe space blocking any harmful environment for learning will set its position as Mecca of Hallyu through the partnerships with domestic and overseas broadcasters.