Course Intro.


Targeted to foster the K-pop entertainers competent for vocal and dancing with firm basic skill and abilities through customized education reflecting the personality and special talent from the professional faculty members who had experience for K-pop star training.


Vocal Instructor ( Jeon bong jin, Kim Hyeon a, Cha yoon seop,
Yu su mi, Im ju hyeon, Kim hyo su)

Dance Instructor (JASON, Hwang dae kyun, Park jung eun,
Thomaz Chee, Kim sang lyun, Sim hyo woong,
Lee won tae,Lee na yun, X-10 K-BEAN, X-10 KONAN)

Vocal Instructor List Dance Instructor List

Major Curriculum

    Vocal part

  • Understanding on the breath, how to use breathing and relations
    between breath and voice
  • Understanding on the vocal cords, solidifying the foundation for
    singing, and acquiring finishing techniques
  • Understanding the effects of pronunciation on sound and proper
  • for sensing and expressing rhythm and skilling for rhythm sense.
  • Understanding harmony and its various types, developing relative
    hearing, and creating harmony
  • Acquiring techniques pertaining to microphones as well as stage
    manners and eye direction management
  • Breath-based emotion expression
  • Pronunciation-based emotion expression
  • Rhythm-based emotion expression
  • Understanding on the lyrics-delivered stories

    Dance part

  • Isolations, rhythm-related techniques, wave, step, bounce, rolling, etc.
  • Stretching, body balancing, flexibility and muscular strength development
  • Acquiring rhythmical senses by applying basic motions in routine forms
  • Add naturalness and sophistication to motions
  • Connect applied routines to learn and practice choreography style
  • Images and expressions-related training
  • Accuracy, feeling and expression of motions

Curriculum and Benefit

  • Basic Course(1 Months)/Personal profile
  • Basic Master Course (3 Months)/Personal profile, audition opportunities, etc.
  • Professional  Course (6 Months)/Personal profile, mini album production
    independent contents casting (Best student)
    and opportunities to debut (Best student)