Course Intro.


Targeted for developing the personal aptitude and talent and fostering the competitive pro model who can sweep the stage through various curriculum such as the walking and pause, stage arts and image making including many theories to be learned for the professional model of each area.


Model Department Dean Designer Park he rin

Model Instructor ( Kim kee bun, Lim ju hyeon, Gwon hui jeong )

Model Instructor List


Walking Educating the various walking techniques, stage pause and turning skill by learning the professional walking of fashion model and direct expressing/presenting the runway costume

Health Completing the beautiful bodyline through intensive training on each part of the body after identifying the individual physical features through body style correction and stretching

Dance Learning and obtaining the balancing and rhythm sense as a basic course for a model

Introduction of model theory Studying the origin of model and history and educating the pattern and position of the model for each era through the visual and auditory data

Make-up Educating the make up skill depending on the stage mood & seasonal trend including the skin management and model image

Coordination Educating the basic knowledge for the fashion leader through styling making for the pro model and analyzing the fashion trend concept and brand positioning

Photo pose Educating the photo pause skill through actual profile photo taking, and analyzing and obtaining the pause and skill of the model on the magazine and catalog

Stage technic Understanding the positioning and manner on the stage, conti and presenting skill and educating the role of the model

Visual education Educating the model walking trend and expression skill in each age through analyzing the walking trend from screen images and contacting to the famous collection in Korea and the world

Training Courses

1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months

Student Benefits

  • Personal Profile Production
  • Audition Opportunities to Korean Producers
  • Exclusive Contract and Debut Opportunities (Highly Scored Student)