Course Intro.


The special lecturers who equip the systematic theory and site experience on the key points of Asian highest Hallyu beauty such as the hair, make up (skin) and nail foster the specialists for Hallyu beauty the education programs oriented to the basic theory and practice


Beauty Department Dean Eun Ju Choi

Beauty Instructor ( Kim jo gyeong, Lee jae eun, Lee in, Park ji sun)

Beauty Instructor List


Hair Drying practice, Up style, cutting practice, permanent practice, hair coloring, stage make up, applied cutting practice, applied hair coloring, portfolio and beauty trend Make up Make up practice, skin treatment practice, introduction of beauty theory, skin aesthetics science, stage make up, beauty color theory, presentation of aesthetic work, practice of applied make up, practice of character make up, practice for special make up, portfolio, beauty make up and beauty trend Nail arts Basics of nail arts, deepened nail arts and nail arts practice

Training Courses

1 Month, 2 Months, 3 Months

Student Benefits

  • ISO9000 International Certification Certification