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  • Hwang dae kyun
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    Main Activities

    Representative/Founder of T.I.P Dance company (Established T.I.P CREW in 1996)

    Seoul Hoseo Arts College and Seoul Arts College- Adjunct professor

    Korea B-Boy Association- Vice president

    Dance director for a Hollywood Movie, Legend of dancing ninja,

    Dance director for T.I.P Crew in the opening show of invitational performance by  Pussycat Dolls in Korea

    Dance director in the 15th anniversary of Tae Jee Seo and Children,

    Dance director for “The Code” of 6 major cultural products of Korean 2006 by Korea Tourism Organization  

    Finalist as a Korean representative in world competition of UK BBOY CHAMPIONSHIP of UK,

    Lectured for “Challenge” in the invitational lecturing in Samsung Electronics

    The first advancing of Korean B-Boy to overseas contest with Visual Shock- Finalist


    Dance director for taekwon-do VS B-Boy and vallry VS B-Boy in stocking of SBS   

    Dance directing/planning/presenting for non-verbal performance B-SCHOOL,

    Dance director in Hyo Shin Park Concert in 2009, 2010 and 2012

    Secret of 500 people
    Recorded in Guiness Book for dancer- Dance directing/planning/presenting



t.i.p crew

Seo tae ji & boys

SBS Starking

Park hyo shin