About teacher

  • Jo A Young
    Competent Department :
    Subjects For Teaching :
    Main Activities

    Educational background

    - Baekseok University

    [Department of Christian Applied Music]

    Belonging to

    - W.I.P Company [Vocal training team] main teacher



    *Training Artists*

    - Bighit Ent.: [방탄소년단 (BTS) -정국,]

    - Antenna Music Ent.: [권진아] [이진아] - K POP STAR 3, 4 WINNERS

    - YMC Ent.: [배치기 (무웅) (Baechigi)]

    - Histar Ent.: [헤일로(Halo)]

    - Sony Music Ent. : [윙즈(wings)]

    - Happy Face Ent. : [달샤벳 (Dalshabet)]

    - Music&New Ent.: [오늘(OH!nel)]

    - G.H Ent.: [비아이지(B.I.G) - 벤지.건민.제이훈]

    - H Mate Ent.: [디홀릭(D.Holic)]

    - DR MUSIC Ent. : [라니아(Rania)]

    - Dream Star Ent. : [타히티(TaHiTi)]

    - Play Actress : [채명주 (Chae Myung Joo)] - '그 남자 그 여자‘] (Actress)

    - Chinese singer : [베이 페이 (Bei Pei)] (Chinese idol star)

    - Raemongraein Ent.: 김태형 in Band 에덴(EDEN)

    - Onspot E Korea Ent.: [빅터(Victor)]

    - AQ Ent.: [브이에이브이(VAV)]



    *Vocal coach*

    Lectures : presently] exclusive trainer

    - Antenna Ent. AQ Ent.



    Work experience on lectures : [ ex-exclusive trainer]

    - BIGHIT Ent. Ctwo Ent. Music & New Ent. Story K Ent. Happy Face Ent.

    Kingdom Ent. Sony Music Ent. JK Space Ent. JYP Ent.

    Dream Star Ent. Sniper Sound. Raemongraein Ent. Onspot E Korea Ent.

    - assistant professor of The department of Practical Music of The Daebul University

    - assistant professor of The department of Practical Music of Seoul Art College




    - SBS K POP STAR season 4 ‘Top10 Battle audition’ - vocal coach



    - MBC 위대한 탄생 시즌 1 위대한 콘서트 (Korean audition program)

    (MBC The Great Birth season 1, 'The Great Concert')

    Training and concert preparation of last top 12 participants



    - 드라마 드림하이’ Drama [‘Dream High 2’] Soundtrack

    Guidline recording, Vocal Coach




    Seven Blues 1st Mini Album

    Heritage Mass Choir 5TH Member

    *Session works

    - Concerts and chorus

    [다비치 콘서트 (Davichi concert)]



    - Album chorus

    KBS‘Drama [‘드림하이 2’ (Dream High 2)]




    - 삼성생명 문화의 밤 행사공연 (Samsung Life Insurance 'The Night of Cultural Festival)