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  • Kim sung eun
    Competent Department :
    Subjects For Teaching :
    Main Activities

    Vocal Training Team –CEO at W.I.P. Company

    Training Artists

    -BIGHIT Ent., CUBE Ent. [M4M],KEYEAST Ent –Joint with Sintien of China

      Actor [Lee, Hyeon Wu - Secretly and Greatly]

    -Actress [Han, Bo Reum –Come on! Gold!], HAPPY FACE Ent. [Dalshabet]

      JKSpace Ent. [The Legend–Yu, Je Hyeok]

    -Sony Music Ent. [Wings], Ctwo Ent. [Halo], Music & New Ent.

     [Today], Dr Music Ent. [Rania] [Babyvox’s Rap]

    -Pledis Ent. [Afterschool’sReina], Ymc Ent. [Baechigi’s Muwung]

    Vocal Training, Dream Star Ent. : [Tahiti]

    -Raemongraein Ent. : [Band Eden of Guak, Hee Sung andKim, TaeHyung]

    -Mach Nine Entertainment : [Judi], [Guembi(Turtles)]

    [Vocal Coach]

    Jyp Ent., Antenna Music Ent., , Sony Music Ent.

    Jkspace Ent., CEO at W.I.P.Company [ Vocal Training Team ]

    Applied Music Vocal Professor at

    Dongseoul College / Myongji College

    [TV Broadcasting Production]

    Participant Trainer and Judge of [MBC’s Grateful BirthSeason 1 & 2]

    Guide Track Vocal and Vocal Couch for Drama [Dream High 2]’s Sound Track

    Participant Trainer and Judge of [KPOP STAR HUNT] hosted by TVN ASIA & CUBE Ent.

    (2010~2013) CUBE Ent. BIGHIT Ent. CJ E&M Ent. Ctwo Ent. Music & New Ent. K Ent.

    Concert and Broadcasting ShowChorus for [Dabichi] and[Ann]

    -Album Chorus [Baechigi] , [Sohn, Dam Bi] , [2 Shai] , [Lee, Hyo Ri] , [Seo, In Yeong] , [Shine] , [Mina] and others..


Star Audition: The G

Dream High 2

After School







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